Journey to Writer

Journey to Writer

A 7-Week Writing eCourse

When: January 7, 2017 to February 18, 2017; Saturdays from 2:10pm to 3:00pm 

Where: Webinar/Teleseminar

Provided by

Angeline Bandon-Bibum, Author

This is a fiction writing eCourse for beginners, and those who want to review the fundamentals of fiction writing. You can complete it from the comfort of your home office.

There is a story that you want to write, so sign up for “Journey to Writer” and start working on that story.

Webinar Dial-in-Details will be provided.  Cost: $297 

Journey to Writer eCourse (each module is a session) covers the following:

Module 1 – Introduction: Generating Story Ideas • Writing Prompt #1 (300 words).
Module 2 – Setting: Presentation • Writing Prompt #2 (400 words)
Module 3 – Character: Presentation • Writing Prompt #3 (500 words)
Module 4 – Character and Point of View: Presentation • Writing Prompt #4 (500 words)
Module 5 – Plot: Presentation • Writing Prompt #5 (500 words)
Module 6 – Plot (Continued): Presentation • Writing Prompt #6 (500 words)
Module 7 – Dialogue and Scene: Presentation • Writing Prompt #7 (500 words)

This eCourse is for you if you are:

Someone who has always wanted to be a fiction writer, but doesn’t know where to start.

• Someone who has been putting off writing a meaningful and exciting story. 

Refund Policy:  Upon request, the fee paid will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.  That means that the attendee will be reimbursed only for modules/sessions not attended.

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